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Disability Insurance

Protection Against Financial Disaster

Quantum will help you discern whether or not Disability Insurance is right for you. We’ll look at all angles to determine the most cost-effective way to place coverage if it’s needed. Business owners in particular can benefit from disability coverage.

Average Cost

On average Disability Insurance costs 1% of a person’s income.

Is it Necessary?

The average person is 3.5 times more likely to have a disability claim than a death claim during their working years.


If you’re self-employed or the sole provider for your family, you might need disability coverage. We have strategies for keeping the cost of your coverage more affordable.


Group and multi-life rates for disability coverage can offer significant savings. We’ll help you find ways to capitalize on such opportunities.


If you earn a high income, regular Disability policies will fall short of offering you sufficient protection. We have a wide array of products to help fill those gaps.


Small and large businesses can be vulnerable to losing an integral team member unexpectedly. Key Person coverage in such circumstances makes good financial sense.

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